FreeBSD 10 and ProfitBricks

„kernel trap 12 with interrupts disabled“

I’ve never been into FreeBSD a lot… however, debugging an issue that we’ve been hunting for a while i finally decided to give it a go. Having never used FreeBSD before, my first attempt to install it abruptly ended when the system froze right after the loader:

This is caused by something called „lightweight profiling extension“ (xsave). As it looks like, some KVM versions do not support „xsave“ properly which then causes the above freeze under certain circumstances.

After some research i went to have a talk with our great support guys here at ProfitBricks. We dug through some tickets and found a solution they’ve worked out with a customer. Read More »


So, what’s this…?

I’ve been thinking about starting my own website for a while now but for various reasons i always ended up delaying this project. Finally i’ve found some time to setup *something* that i hope you will enjoy.

I am not yet sure where to go exactly. For now, this is going to be a collection of things interesting to me, HowTo’s, random shouts, pictures and things that do not fit into a single twitter message.

Hopefully you will find something useful here – your feedback is always welcome.

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